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So much has happened since my last blog update over 3 years ago.

April 2011:
– Started looking for a house again and found one shortly after.

July 2011:
– Jenna and I became homeowners (or at least will be in 30 years).

August 2011:
– Moved in to home.

October 2011:
– Got Married!
– Honeymoon in Hawaii.

December 2011:
– Had a septoplasty that was supposed to make breathing out of my nose easier, but actually made things worse and caused some permanent damage.

January 2012:
– Met a group of lifelong friends at church and started a bible study.

February 2012:
– Started a low-carb diet.

March 2012:
– Adopted a 8 week old beagle-dachshund and named him Linus (after both Linus Torvalds, and Linus from Peanuts/Charlie Brown)

June 2012:
– Stopped low-carb diet.
– Started learning how to golf.

July 2012:
– Visited Las Vegas for the first time being an adult.

August 2012:
– Had a weekend get-away with Jenna’s family to a local casino resort and spa.

October 2012:
– Celebrated 1 year anniversary at a spa – yes, I like to be pampered.
– Went to New York for work and brought along Jenna. Ended up getting caught in Hurricane Sandy and stayed almost a week longer than we had planned. It challenged Jenna and myself in many ways and is something we will never forget.

November 2012:
– Did the Color Run 5k in San Diego

January 2013:
– Went to Las Vegas again with Jenna.

April 2013:
– Traveled to India for work, met a lot of new friends. Was also 9000 miles from Jenna which was really tough.

June 2013:
– Changed positions at my work from what I had been since I started to a new job that I was fortunate enough to create.

July 2013:
– Went on a quick weekend get-away with Jenna to Palm Springs.

August 2013:
– Went beach camping with Jenna.

September 2013:
– With about 6 days notice, I went to India again.
– Went on a weekend get-away with the Bible Study group to a resort in Carlsbad. Went paddle boarding too!

October 2013:
– Went to New York again for work and brought along Jenna and my sister-in-law Devon. No hurricanes this time, and the hotel we stayed at (which we stayed at the year before), upgraded us and were super nice. They even made us a card!

December 2013:
– Took two weeks off work for the first time since the honeymoon. I was sick for most of the time off, but I was able to rest and do some things around the house, including doubling the closet space in our bedroom closet which made Jenna really happy.

January 2014:
– Planning next trip to India – leaving on February 8th and coming back on the 20th.
– Signed up for the Disneyland Half Marathon (Last Sunday in August).

That pretty much sums it up. I’m sure I missed a lot of stuff. Most of you already know everything anyway.

Jenna and I have been trying to have kids since just a few months after we got married, but have had some difficulties. There’s a pretty big chance that the reasons why we haven’t been able to may be on my end. We’re going to be doing some tests when I get back from India and will start seeing specialists to see what our options are.

Last year I decided that I wanted to do a half-marathon, and I wanted the Disneyland one to be the first one I did. Unfortunately, it sells out pretty quick so I had to wait until this year to sign up. This year it sold out in a few hours. I was glad that I remembered to sign up. Since giving up the diet, I’ve gained a lot of the weight back (not all of it, but the majority of it). I want to get overall in shape and I think training for the half-marathon is a good motivation for me. There’s a nice little dirt path in our neighborhood which will be perfect for training. I’m going to begin running on Friday or Saturday, even though official training for the half-marathon isn’t starting until late-April.

I’ll try and blog more often and share whatever is on my thoughts. Consider that a warning.


Mohanakrishnan G

January 29th, 2014

Great Summary! Keep Rocking, Tim!

All the Best Tim & Jenna!

Waynette Warrick

January 30th, 2014

Very good Tim! Surprised you didn’t share your new love of baseball and also your love for the stadium hot dogs and beer. AND you also took LINUS to a game. He loved it!

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